The Hot Obama at Joe Doe

The Hot Obama at Joe Doe

The Hot Obama is served not in a long black stretch limo, but in a mason jar with a handle. The vessel is kinda like one of those pope bubble cars.

You've enjoyed the fried chicken at Obama Flavor (now sadly closed), now try the Hot Obama at Joe Doe, a restaurant that describes its food as "aggressive American."

The drink arrives warm and frothed up, with a nice balance of sweet and sour. A roll of cinnamon bark serves as flavoring and a swizzle stick. Though the principal ingredients are English Harbour Rum and lemon juice, there's a whole lot more in there. The inventor is restaurant partner Jill Schulster (who begs not to be called a mixologist -- amen, sister!).

The drink is really a species of hot toddy. Nothing better for cutting the phlegm and sweetening your singing voice, and a good breakfast drink, too. It'll set you back $12, but, believe me, there's plenty of alcohol in there.

Joe Doe 43 East 1st Street 212-780-0262

The Hot Obama at Joe Doe

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