The Latest Home Cooking Blogger Is Doing It Old School

Now that cooking a collection of someone else's recipes and blogging about it has become its own genre, don't you want to know who its latest rising star is? Susan LaRosa from Park Slope has vowed to cook 100-odd recipes from her collection of early 20th century homemade recipe cards amassed over the years, which she will chronicle on her blog:

LaRosa tells the Daily News that the hardest part of cooking 70- and 80-year-old recipes is deciphering old-timey ways of communicating directions. Then, there's also eating the results. Canadian War Cake, made without eggs, milk, or butter, "looked and tasted like a brick," she said. "It makes you happy we don't have rationing during these war times." Although that might be the answer to our other modern woes.

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