The Meatball Factory Intends to 'Shame' the Meatball Shop

As go burgers, so, too, go meatballs.

EV Grieve brings news that the old Nathan's/Arthur Treacher's on the corner of 14th Street and Second Avenue will soon be home to the (tentatively named) Meatball Factory, an establishment from the owners of Destino, a Southern Italian restaurant in Turtle Bay.

And yes, there's a reason the name may bring to mind that other meatball-centric eatery 15 blocks south: A rep for the restaurant said its menu and price points will be similar to the Meatball Shop's. And they're apparently not shy about comparisons: One worker at the restaurant's site said its meatballs "will put the Meatball Shop to shame." Well, at least they know an easy publicity ploy when they see one.

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