The Name Game

Like us, you're probably really tired of the boring names lately conferred on Manhattan's food producing establishments. It also seems like all the good names have been taken, as we witness places being named with such faceless monikers as Co., Earth, and Delicatessen, or totally cringeworthy names like Sweetiepie.

But a recent trip to Sunset Park and Bay Ridge revealed a whole new class of establishments that boldly confer memorable names upon themselves. Here are a couple of night-photographed examples, after the jump.

The Name Game

In the shadow of the Belt Parkway is the invitingly named Last Stop Fresh Meat. Doesn't it make your mouth water?

The Name Game

As much a state of mind as a collection of mercantile objects, we give you-- Hookahnuts. Or maybe it describes a malady of the testicles--characterized by pain and extreme distension--after smoking too much hash!

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