The New School of Food Speak

The New School of Food Speak
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The Food Section rounds up its best Dictionary of Modern Gastronomy entries, a glossary of food and cooking terms that have been finding their way into the common foodie vernacular.

Here is a sampling:

arugulance (noun): a (perceived) attitude of superiority and snobbery manifested in an appetite for pricey--yet delicious--peppery greens.

As in: Barack Obama's "typical liberal arugulance."

Goodfellas thin (noun): Measurement of a slice of garlic cut extremely thin using a razor blade.

As in: Garlic cloves should be sliced "Goodfellas thin," as is called for throughout Andrew Carmellini's cookbook Urban Italian.

twecipes (noun): Extremely abbreviated recipes, published via Twitter, that provide cooking instructions in no more than 140 characters.

See also: twixologist.

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