The Week in Food Blogs: Restaurant Romance Gone Awry; Best V-Day Candy

This week in food blogs ...

Eater rounded up 12 of the city's most extreme pizzerias. And, yes, one of the Artichoke pies makes the list.

Grub Street posted 14 tales of restaurant romance gone awry. And one involves a naked redhead (which might be hot if it weren't a man).

Diner's Journal was shocked to discover there are flame retardants in butter.

Atlantic Food reported that U.S. Foodservice's support of Huntington, West Virginia, has dried up since Jamie Oliver left town.

Midtown Lunch suggested you remedy your Shack fatigue with a delicious Schnipper's burger.

Serious Eats checked out the Central Grocery Po'Boy from Two Boots.

Blondie & Brownie sampled the Stumptown coffee and other goods at Brooklyn Commune.

Salon Food searched for the best Valentine's Day candy. With pictures.

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