This Week in Openings: Lots and Lots of Booze

TONY's The Feed blog has posted a roster of establishments slated to open by September 16. While there is actual food to be found, most notably at Saltie, Caroline Fidanza's Williamsburg lunch counter, and at An Nhau, a new Vietnamese spot, what's most striking about the eight places included in the round-up is that eating, by and large, plays a second, tiny fiddle to drinking. Los Feliz will offer tacos and ceviches to soak up all of the tequila, while a full roster of Latin American drinks will play a starring role at Cantina Latina, which will also serve Mexican and Cuban cuisine.  At the Ainsworth, the "American-fusion" menu is all but subsumed by the 6,000-square-foot gastropub's 30 televisions. And one imagines that far more maraschino cherries (and methamphetamines) will be consumed than "mini Ruben sandwiches" at La Pomme, a "Fellini-esque" nightclub in Chelsea.

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