This Week's Specials: 10 Best Chicken Dishes, Kosher Wine

Find out the story behind the buns.
Find out the story behind the buns.

See what we've been up to at Fork in the Road this week:

We present our top 10 chicken choices in NYC.

An Easter treat: Robert Sietsema gives a rundown of the history of hot cross buns.

He also tests out BBQue's Smoke Shack's chicken and waffle sandwich.

We talk to Dale Talde about his forthcoming restaurant, Pork Slope, and Frank Cisneros of the new Bourgeois Pig about European spirits.

We learn how to make Mexican matzo from Joe Dobias of JoeDoe.

Lauren Bloomberg gives advice on choosing kosher wine.

For more dining news, head to Fork in the Road, or follow us @ForkintheRoadVV, or me, Alexia Nader, @lexi1602. 

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