This Week's Specials: Working 23rd Street, Fancy Champy, Tourtières

Lauren Shockey found the most mouthwatering picks that 23rd Street has to offer. Don't let the thoroughfare's bad dining rep fool you: Shockey's lineup includes taste-bud-tickling gems. 

Robert Sietsema calls out The Simpsons' upcoming foodie farce: The soon-to-air episode appears to have exactly the characters one would expect, but comes several years too late. 

Chantal Martineau pops bubbly at Winston's Champagne Bar, and finds that the establishment's namesake cocktail makes for a delectable drink.

Vegan pasta alla carbonara? Yes, it's a thing

Can't wait for Black Friday to cram leftover turkey, dressing, and cranberries between bread? Check out Lauren Bloomberg's rundown of the city's Thanksgiving sandwiches. 

M. Wells might have closed, but its legacy will carry on this holiday season: You can now order tourtières, traditional Quebecois meat pies, via email. 

For more dining news, head to Fork in the Road, or follow us @ForkintheRoadVV.

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