Three Good Things: Including Sophia Loren

1 These photos of Sophia Loren at home circa 1964, taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt, that include some really gaudy dinner tables, family-style banquets, and breezy outdoor breakfasts with silver coffee pots etc. [Retronaut]

2 Harvard professor David Edwards is developing edible food wrappers out of sugar cane and other tasty things, to eliminate excessive paper and plastic packaging. Phase 1: Wiki ice cream. [GOOD]

3 The writers Tad Bartlett and Jamey Hatley talk with chef Chris DeBarr about food, writing, and southern identity. DeBarr: "If I get your attention--with writing or with food--and you fall into it, and suddenly all you're really paying attention to is the next eyeful of words or the next mouthful of food, then I've done my job." [Oxford American]

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