Tiny People, Big Food

Canoe Au Lait, 2011
Canoe Au Lait, 2011
Christopher Boffoli

You're likely already familiar with the work of photographer Christopher Boffoli, who sets little hand-painted figurines against landscapes of familiar foods for his "Big Appetites" series.

In his images, cucumbers, oranges and eggs become surreal factory lines, suburban lawns, or vacation spots, and people go about their daily business around them. Despite the immediate cuteness of the work, and the fun Boffoli admits to having while putting these images together, his approach is serious, and an attempt to comment on our frivolous consumption of food media. Speaking of which, have you seen this funny ad for a $300 portable immersion circulator?

Anyway, Boffoli has a show opening today at the Winston Wächter gallery.

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