Toast With a Chilean Sparkler This New Year's Eve, From Chinatown's New Puro Wine


When Alberto Valdivieso founded his Chilean winery in 1897, he was the first South American wine-maker to make sparkling wine by the Champagne method, using Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes fermented in the bottle. The new all-Chilean wine shop Puro Wine is carrying Valdivieso's Extra Brut for $13, and seems to be the only place in New York that carries the wine, which is delicious.

It tastes toasty, nutty, and yeasty, with very gentle acidity, with a balance and complexity that makes it seem like it should cost much more than it does.

In addition to the Valdivieso, Puro Wine also stocks many other hard-to-find, under-$15 bottles, making it a worthy stop on your way to a New Year's Eve party.

161 Grand Street 212-925-0090

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