Toby Young Admits to Brit Bias

Wondering just how and why Toby Young scored the Top Chef judge gig? Us too.

As we suspected, it had a lot to do with his nationality. As demonstrated by Simon Cowell, America loves a bitchy Brit at the reality show table. Talking to Yahoo TV, Young concedes that he got the Bravo call out of the blue and that being British probably had something to do with his new gig:

America obviously has a penchant for British judges. I imagine so. None of the producers ever said to me, "We've been looking for a Brit." I've gotten a lot of [flack] from various American food critics since my debut last week including [from] Adam Platt -- the food critic of New York magazine -- and I dare say that they're all very cross that they weren't asked to appear as judges on "Top Chef."

But, I think the reason why they asked a Brit is because we're much more outspoken and rude than our American counterparts. I imagine someone like Adam Platt would be very fair-minded, very judicious, and would spend several minutes advertising just how much he knew about each dish that was placed before him. And, as my old editor knows, that's very boring for people who just have a general interest in a subject.

We enjoyed Young on last week's episode, and we're looking forward to tonight's. But we still miss Gail and having a woman on the show to re-pre-sent who isn't Padma.
[Yahoo TV via Serious Eats]

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