Todd English Sued for Skipping Out on Rent; Jamie Oliver Declares Small Win in L.A.

Todd English got the third degree from lawyer David Katz giving his deposition regarding allegations that he skipped out on a $9,000-a-month lease on a Nolita loft. [NY Post]

The state has for the first time released the definitive guide to what foods can be taxed. In short, if it comes ready to eat on a plate, it's taxable. [BizJournals]

Zagat has released its 2011 New York City Food Lover's Guide, featuring locavoric food purveyors and specialty groceries. And guess what? A lot of those are in Brooklyn. [NY Daily News]

It looks like Jamie Oliver can claim a victory in L.A. The city is removing high-sugar chocolate and strawberry milk from school lunch programs. [LA Times]

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