Tom Colicchio Looks Back on David Chang's Days On and Off the Craft Line

Earlier this afternoon, Tom Colicchio and Dorothy Cann Hamilton, the founder and CEO of the French Culinary Institute, went on the Leonard Lopate show to talk about Hamilton's new book, Love What You Do, for which Colicchio wrote the forward. Over the course of conversation, Colicchio reminisced about working with his former underling, David Chang, at Craft.

The takeaway? Colicchio said that Chang wasn't allowed on the line when he worked for him at Craft because he wasn't fast enough.

Obviously, this isn't going to exactly damage Mister Momo's reputation, but still, it's kind of like having your dad show up at your college graduation to tell your friends about that time you pooped in the bath tub or how you slept with a night-light until you were 12. Then again, Chang's more than gotten up to speed, while Colicchio still has no excuse for that soul patch.

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