Tom Colicchio Won't Craft More Crafts

Here's potentially disappointing news for Tom Colicchio acolytes not residing in New York, Dallas, Atlanta, or Los Angeles: The chef has announced he won't be opening any more locations of Craft.

Crain's reports that Colicchio is ready to retire the brand because "[t]he assumption is that it's a chain, and that dilutes the brand." He's focusing instead on giving more attention to collaborators like Sisha Ortúzar, who helped build the 'wichcraft chain (which now has 18 locations) and is the executive chef at Riverpark.

The restaurant, which is part of the Alexandria Center bioscience complex on the East River, may one day get a 10,000-square-foot farm. In the meantime, it's enjoying some strong early reviews among the Yelpers, who have deemed it "simply amazing" and a "basically a gift from Tom Colicchio to the forlorn Kips Bay neighborhood."

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