Tomorrow Night, the Hester Street Fair Will Relocate to Henri Bendel

Like this, but inside and surrounded by things you can't afford
Like this, but inside and surrounded by things you can't afford

Reliable sources who don't obsess over food all day long have informed us that New York Fashion Week will kick off tomorrow with Fashion's Night Out. Surprisingly, given the industry's storied aversion to ingesting solids, the event will feature numerous food-related promotions. Perhaps the most ambitious is the Hester Street Fair's plan to take over an entire floor of Henri Bendel.

From 3 until 11 p.m., you'll be able to find basically everything you would at the Hester Street Fair's regular location, but surrounded by handbags and baubles that cost more than the national debt of certain third-world countries.

The menu is as follows:

Melt Bakery

Ice Cream Sandwiches: Belle - brown butter bourbon shortbreads with peach ice cream Lovelet - red velvet whoopie pie with cream cheese ice cream
 FNO Flavor - almond wafer cookie with plum sorbet - low in fat, and gluten- and dairy-free

La Newyorkina

Assorted Flavored Paletas and Mini Boozy Paletas Passion Fruit Sangria Pops Pina Colada Pops Wicked Fudgcicles White Russian Pops

Bruce Cost Fresh Ginger Ale / Berkshire Bao

Steamed buns: Bruce Cost BBQ Berkshire Pork Bao Bruce Cost Whole Wheat Edamame Bao

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale - Original Bruce Cost Ginger Ale - Pomegranate with Hibiscus Bruce Cost Ginger Ale - Jasmine Green Tea

First Prize Pies

S'mores Pie - Graham Cracker Crust, Milk Chocolate Ganache, Bruléed Marshmallow Cream Apple Brandy Pie - All-Butter Crust, Local New York Apples, Cinnamon, Ginger, Calvados Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Pie - Martin's Pretzels crust, Peanut Butter Cream, Dark Chocolate Ganache Bourbon Ginger Pecan Pie - All-Butter Crust, Pecans, Maple Syrup, Bourbon, Ginger (Fresh, Dried, Grated)

FNO Flavor: The Henri - Inspired by Henri Bendel's Louisiana heritage, this pie is a spinoff of the classic dessert, Bananas Foster. Gingersnap Crust, Brown Sugar Custard, Dark Rum, Cinnamon, Bruléed Bananas, Vanilla Whipped Cream


Iced or Hot Tea: Coconut Chai Lemon Verbena + Peppermint "Orange Peony" - white tea, orange peel, vanilla + pepper

Fatty Cakes

Specialty Cookies:: FNO Flavor: The Old Fashioned - a classic cocktail concoction: cherry sandwich cookie with a Rye whiskey, bitters and orange cream filling Betty Jo - red velvet with cream cheese fudge center
 The Movie Theater - popcorn and Swedish Fish in chocolate chip cookie
 Team Deuce - peanut butter filled with preserves
 Old Fashioned - orange cherry cookie with whiskey creme
 Big Daddy - peanut butter with bacon brittle
 Old Salt - triple chocolate with sea salt

Herbin' Spoonful

Lavender Caramel Sauce - 2oz Jar organic dried lavender flowers are infused into a classic caramel sauce, resulting in delicate floral undertones.

Chai Caramel Sauce - 2oz Jar cinnamon, cardamom, fennel seed, black peppercorn, cloves, nutmeg, coriander, darjeeling tea and sea salt are combined and steeped to perfection. The end product is a sweet salute to the Indian inspired drink.

Habanero Caramel Sauce - 2oz Jar habanero, serrano and cayenne peppers grace the perfect caramel sauce with their bold, Texas style heat. The sugar and cream slow down the heat a bit, creating a burn that stays with you for a while. Sweet and Spicy!

Mimi & Coco NY

Teriyaki Balls: Choice of Shrimp/Sausage/Organic Potato or an Assortment of All Three Japanese Style Corn in a Cup Organic Soy Latte


4 oz jars of BaconMarmalade Spicy Original Samples of Mini BLT's with BaconMarmalade

My Hero Cuisine

Gourmet Mac 'n Cheese Made fresh to order

Original 3 Cheese - Cheddar, Monterrey Jack & Parmesan Flavors: Roasted Broccoli Cherry Tomato & Basil Polish Sausage Smoked Bacon Pulled Pork Cheese Burger Homemade Spicy Chili Maine Lobster   Mighty Balls

Mighty Meatballs: Slider - 1 meatball on a slider bun Just the Balls - 3 to an order, no bread Balls: Pork - Beef - Veggie Sauces: African Onion - Cranberry Horseradish - Not Your Average Brown Sauce - Jalapeno Jelly - Tempting Tomato Cheeses: Parmesan - Goat - Spicy Feta - Blue - Mozzarella Pomegranate Lemonade Jars of Sauce Not Your Average Brown Sauce - Jalapeno Jelly - Cranberry Horseradish

Millie PearTree Cupcakes & More

Mini cupcakes: Peanut butter w/ chocolate butter cream Chocolate w/ cookies and cream butter cream Red velvet w/ cream cheese frosting Yellow cake w/ vanilla butter cream


Gourmet Fresh Fruit Lemonade: Classic-Nothing But Lemons Southern Belle - Peach and Ginger "Cool"cumber - Cucumber Basil Strawberry Romance - Chocolate Mint and Strawberry

Dora NYC

Coffee Decaffeinated Coffee

LoveJoy Sweet Treats

Miniature Cakes: Red Velvet Triple Chocolate Vanilla

Cakeballs and Pops: Rouge Velvet, High Stepping Chocolate cherry and Chocolate Pistachio. Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Confetta, Nine Inch Nutella, Peanut Butter

Truffles: Mexican Chocolate, Kahlua & Baileys, Pink Panther Champagne, Guinness, Regular

Ayinde's Wildflower Pop Up

3 (vegan) slider plate or 2 slider plate

Fish Fry & Pickleese cornmeal crusted tempeh, spicy Haitian Coleslaw and Mustard infused Aïoli

Classic Tuna sandwich A plant based twist on this classic American sandwich

South American Chimichurri Slider Fire grilled tempeh, with roasted peppers onions and olive tapenade

Bar Suzette

Savory: Black Truffle Hummus & Fresh Summer Vegetables Housemade Black Truffle & Chickpea Hummus, Fresh NY Carrots, Squash & Cucumber topped with Fresh Lemon & White Truffle Oil Hoisin Duck with Vietnamese Herbs, Chilis & Crisp Vegetables Smoked Hudson Valley Duck Breast, Plum Sauce, Vietnamese Chili Sauce, Mint, Scallions, Cilantro & Fresh NY Carrots, Squash & Cucumber

Sweet: Sweet White Chocolate Lavender & Macadamia Nuts Jaques Torres White Chocolate infused with NY Lavender & Crushed Macadamia Nuts Nutella & Strawberries Hazelnut Chocolate Spread & Fresh Strawberries

Macaron Parlour

Macarons: FNO Flavor: Crème Brulée Candied Bacon with Maple Cream Cheese Caramel Fleur de Sel Cinnamon Pistachio with Morello Cherries Lemon Nutella Peanut Butter Cup Red Velvet S'Mores Strawberry

Tiramisu Honey Coffee

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