Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Beers

Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Beers

The beer pulls at Bar Great Harry, in Cobble Hill (click on picture to read them all).

Yessiree Bob, tomorrow we put our asses on the line by naming Our 10 Best Beers.

But luckily, we've had a lot of help, in the person of Fork in the Road beer consultants Jeremy McNamara and Tracy Van Dyk. We've also had the help of a host of friends and colleagues, who have kindly given us their lists. And--let me tell you--we did a lot of beer drinking, too, both to judge the various fermented products, but also out of fear that we might make a misstep in our choices.

So check in bright and early tomorrow morning. And if you feel like it, please tell us your five favorite beers, and we'll incorporate them into the balloting before it goes up.

Turn page to visit some of our previous 10 Bests.

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