Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Cheeses

Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Cheeses

Art or cheese? This beautiful piece of Humboldt Fog (or maybe it's Morbier) might be mistaken for a minimalist painting. Find out what cheese it is, and if it places in our 10 best tomorrow.

Who doesn't love cheese, except perhaps the lactose intolerant, and they often continue to crave cheese even when they can't eat it. The universe of cheese is a large one, and we had literally thousands to choose from in the Fork in the Road test kitchens, as we turned over every piece, smelled it, and polled those all around us to find excellent varieties we hadn't tried before.

While the list can't be comprehensive, we promise melting cheeses, and crumbling cheeses, and cheeses streaked with blue veins. So join us bright and early tomorrow morning for Our 10 Best Cheeses.

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It was Humboldt Fog! Made in California.

Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Cheeses

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