Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Fried Chickens

Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Fried Chickens

This box from Arkansas Fried Chicken in the Bronx says it all.

Tomorrow morning we'll be posting Our 10 Best Fried Chickens joints, and I don't want to tell you how many pieces of fried chicken we gnawed in preparation of this ranking.

The evaluation process ended yesteday afternoon and evening, during which we made a mad dash across the breadth of Harlem, Washington Heights, and several Bronx neighborhoods just to make sure that the places we touted were the best we've found. The day before that, we invaded Brooklyn.

So please join us bright and early tomorrow morning to see the best chickens we could come up with. And please have your own suggestiions ready for the readers' page.

Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Fried Chickens

And here's what's inside the box from Arkansas.

In the meantime, turn page for links to some previous 10 best lists.

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