Top Chef: All Stars Line-Up Announced

Weeks after everyone pretty much figured out that

Top Chef

's next season would feature an all-star line-up, Bravo used last night's Season 7 reunion episode to formally announce that next season will be, yes,

Top Chef: All Stars

. It will premiere on December 1 with the following contestants:

Season 1 Tiffani Faison Stephen Asprinio

Season 2 Marcel Vigneron Elia Aboumrad

Season 3: Dale Levitski Casey Thompson Tre Wilcox

Season 4: Richard Blais Spike Mendelsohn Dale Talde Antonia Lofaso

Season 5: Fabio Viviani Jamie Lauren Carla Hall

Season 6: Michael Isabella Jennifer Carroll

Season 7: Angelo Sosa Tiffany Derry

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