Torta Burger at Tortaria

Torta Burger at Tortaria

Tortaria's torta burger arrives looking like a brown rock with moss growing on top.

As we mentioned last Friday, Tortaria opened today on University Place. The place is devoted to making the Mexican sandwiches called tortas, to be washed down with an extensive tequila list, neat and as mixed drinks. There are eight torta selections, mainly priced at $7.81, plus tax. And of these, one turns out to be a hamburger.

Torta Burger at Tortaria

The thing's actually pretty good, after you get over it not being a real torta.

The hamburger torta is a double-patty burger made from Angus beef and cooked well-done. On top find mozzarella, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, and pickled onions. The bun is a regular hamburger bun -- not the telera roll that tortas usually come on.

It's tasty, but there's a little too much sweetness in there somewhere, and not enough spiciness. Definitely a good notch to put on your burger belt, though.

Tortaria 94 University Place 212-776-1830

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