Tough Times at Bussaco; A Glimpse of Black Market

This week in food blogs...

Eater heard that Bussaco in Park Slope has been having trouble since Katy Sparks left three months ago.

Grub Street learned that Marcus Samuelsson is planing to have fried chicken, brunch, and music at his forthcoming Red Rooster in Harlem.

Serious Eats got a glimpse of the newly-opened-to-the-public Black Market, urging you not to be intimidated by the permanently shuttered gates.

The Food Section discovered a sandwich cutter that turns your PB&J into interlocking puzzle pieces.

The Atlantic Food Channel got a makeover.

Diner's Journal peeked in on the construction of the forthcoming Veselka II.

Word of Mouth debunked several popular beer myths, including this bit of good news: suds don't make you fat.

Midtown Lunch found sushi even cheaper than Duane Reade's... it's from Jack's 99 Cent Store.

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