Trans Fats Labels Lie; Movie Theaters Offer In-House Dining

Trans fats labels may be misleading due to a law that allows foods containing less than 0.5 grams of trans fat to claim they have none at all. [CBS News]

The Post's dining trends forecast for 2011 includes pizza, German and Austrian wine bars, and chefs from Montreal. [NY Post]

Movie-theater chains are trying to win customers back with seat-side table service, extensive menus, full bars, and free popcorn. [Wall Street Journal]

Dovetail's John Fraser's forthcoming restaurant in Soho is in a condemned building, which means reduced rent. The bar will be wheeled around on a mobile cart. [NY Times]

Fried fish is partly to blame for the health problems common in the part of the country called the "stroke belt." [NY Times]

A proposal to thin the herds of wild horses that plague western states by slaughtering them for food has been denied. Instead, the mares will be given birth control. [LA Times]

Major food corporations have reduced the size, but not the price, of well-known products. Tropicana juice was 64 ounces and is now 59. Pints of Häagen-Dazs are now 14 ounces. [NY Daily News]

A new study finds that individual brain cells can tune their behavior to precisely reflect the worth of specific food items. [Wired]

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