Trio of Sliders at Kaia Wine Bar Includes Elk

Trio of Sliders at Kaia Wine Bar Includes Elk

Kaia's sliders represent contasting forms of flesh.

The Upper East Side's year-old Kaia Wine Bar specializes in the vittles and fermented grape products of South Africa, and there's some pretty damn interesting stuff on both sides of the ledger.

On a first visit, Fork in the Road checked out some of the African nation's most famous snacks. Included were three sliders that, left to right, were made with chicken, ostrich, and elk. The most exciting, hands down, was the last -- chunkily ground, dark and richly flavored, and topped with mint puree and Peppadew, a sweet pickled pepper.

Next in our affections was the one made with ostrich, which came anointed with apricot compote -- normally that might not be our cup of tea, but in this case the flavor match was perfect. The chicken was a little dull by comparison. All sliders came smeared with a homemade flavored aioli.

We'd want a trio of these at least once a week, except for the high price: $6, $7, and $7, respectively.

Kaia Wine Bar 1614 Third Avenue 212-722-0490

Trio of Sliders at Kaia Wine Bar Includes Elk

Another great snack is the dried beef jerky called biltong, served with nuts.

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