Under Review: Sietsema at Liman

This week in the Voice, Our Man Sietsema indulges in some (hopefully sustainable) ultra-fresh seafood at Liman.

Bruni's third to last review is of a slipping Union Square Cafe. The beloved Danny Meyer restaurant lost one star from the three William Grimes awarded it in 1999. [NY Times]

Restaurant Girl gets her drink on at Hotel Griffou in Greenwich Village, where the cocktails are quite drinkable but the meal portions too "tiny" for her appetite. [NY Daily News]

The Robs head to Ditmas Park for hummus that is "thick and rich, glossed with oil, scattered with parsley, and served with a basket of hot, puffy pitas" at Mimi's Hummus. [NY Magazine]

Jay Cheshes gets blasted back to the 80s at Sho Shaun Hergatt, where menu items "combine Asian touches with a strain of French classicism few young chefs are embracing these days." [TONY]

Alan Richman heads to Williamsburg to try two newcomers, Mesa Coyoacan and The Brooklyn Star, neither of which cause him to hear any trumpets. [GQ @ men.style]

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