Under Review--Sietsema Finds the City's Best Sichuan

This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema discovers unreconstructed Sichuan fare at Bensonhurst's Bamboo Pavilion, while Sarah DiGregorio visits the oddly addictive Wechsler's Currywurst & Bratwurst.

Bruni drops in on Co., awarding it one star for its "fluffy, crunchy, supple, dense" pizza crust, although he says breadmaster Jim Lahey hasn't quite nailed his toppings just yet. [NY Times]

La Fonda del Sol earns two stars from Adam Platt for its stoutly reimagined pan-Latino favorites, although, he warns, Iberian food traditionalists will be disappointed. [NY Magazine]

Restaurant Girl gushes over the imported specialties at Inakaya, the New York outpost of the Tokyo tourist trap by the same name, and urges patrons to reserve a seat at the robata counter. [NY Daily News]

Meat dishes are "less sure-handed" than the cocktails at Macao Trading Co., says TONY. The Chinese appetizers are "perfectly pleasant," but fail to wow. [TONY]

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