Vegetarian Delights of NYC: Baohaus' Fried Mantao with Sweet Black Sesame

An invention of pure geniusEXPAND
An invention of pure genius

If you owned a steamed bun joint that was open late on the Lower East Side, you'd probably want to come up with something for those who crave something sweet after drinking. Chef Eddie Huang, of newly opened Baohaus did just that, and it's vegetarian to boot. (Not that it's good for you.)

Huang invented sweet bao fries: He slices the fluffy white mantao bread that's usually wrapped around pork belly in his Taiwanese-style gua bao, fries the strips until they're golden and crisp, and then douses them in a honeyed black sesame sauce. The spongy, slightly sweet bread soaks up some of the oil, and gets resolutely crunchy. With the sticky, nutty sauce, these fries are a force to be reckoned with.

137 Rivington Street 646-684-3835

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