Vegetarian Sandwich at Mercado on Kent

Vegetarian Sandwich at Mercado on Kent

This lush contraption almost feeds two.

While the massive Basque tapas bar Mercado on Kent, poised unexpectedly near the old Domino Sugar factory, has been a bit slow to get going, many things produced there have been excellent. The market in the rear of the second floor has yet to be filled with Spanish products, but the bakery is going strong.

And in the mornings, around 9 a.m., sandwiches ($9) begin to appear on a counter near the bar. The one Fork in the Road liked best was called vegetariano: an omelet cooked in tons of olive oil sitting on a couple of modest slices of cheese and surmounted by cooked and raw greens on crusty bread, the inside of which had been rubbed with tomato. Delectable!

So, just for today, throw away that cheerless bowl of cornflakes or stale donut, and head for the Williamsburg outback, where this superb sandwich lurks. You'll find other interesting choices there, too, including the Spanish sausage called fuet ensconced in pastry.

Mercado on Kent 291 Kent Avenue Williamsburg, Brooklyn 718-782-8810

Vegetarian Sandwich at Mercado on Kent

Fuet in pastry

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