Vladimir Putin's Vodka Popularity

A vodka that bears Vladimir Putin's name is far more popular in Russia than a new vodka named after current President Dmitry Medvedev that is struggling to find its place in the market.

A growing number of California winemakers are producing lighter, dryer pinot noirs, in stark contrast to the superrich, high-alcohol pinots most associate with the state's wine regions.
[NY Times]

She doesn't just have toned arms on her agenda. Michelle Obama is making fresh, healthy foods, and the promotion of them, a priority.
[NY Times]

Michael Psilakis and Donatella Arpaia have reportedly cut a deal to open a seafood restaurant next month at the Viceroy Miami.
[Page Six]

Eddie Doyle, the man who inspired Ted Danson's Sam on Cheers, has been laid off after nearly 40 years at the Bull & Finch Pub.
[NY Post]

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