Volcano Eruption Thwarts French Winemakers' Big Apple Visit

Hot stuff coming through.
Hot stuff coming through.

Celebrity chefs weren't the only ones whose travel plans were upset due to the ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull eruption settling all over Europe. A group of French winemakers from the region of Jura were forced to cancel their trip to New York, as well as a wine dinner at The Ten Bells on the Lower East Side scheduled for this Thursday, April 22. You can still head to the bar for a bottle of Jacques Puffeney's 2007 Arbois Pinot Noir (not cheap at $60). And it's good timing, too: Ten Bells is bringing back its Blanquette de veau this weekend: milk-fed veal cooked in a cream sauce. The reason cited? It's meant to rain.

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