Vox Pop Is Closed, Most Likely for Good

Vox has been popped.
Vox has been popped.

After dying numerous deaths over the past year, it looks like Vox Pop has circled the drain for the last time. Ditmas Park Blog got word from the café's embattled CEO and general manager, Debi Ryan, that she's calling it quits following yet another seizure by the marshals yesterday morning.

Since taking over Vox Pop in the wake of founder Sander Hicks's departure last year, Ryan had faced endless problems stemming from the café's back taxes and other money woes. Although the community rallied to keep Vox Pop open, its efforts were unfortunately no match for those of the U.S. government. And this time, vital signs are absent: A phone call to the café went unanswered by human or machine, and its website carries the message "Vox Pop is currently closed -- all shows cancelled."

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