Wallet-Friendly Cocktails; Best Beer Cities

Vandaag in the East Village and Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg are among cocktail bars serving $10 drinks, as opposed to the now ubiquitous $12-to-$14 drink. [NY Post]

New York makes a list of seven best beer cities in the country, alongside Chicago, Denver, Philly, Portland, St. Louis, and San Diego. [Esquire]

What's the perfect gin and tonic? Well, there is no ideal recipe. But you might want to try a Spanish version of the drink, eschewing lime for star anise, cilantro, or nutmeg. [Washington Post]

There's also more than one way to do a michelada, that refreshing beer-and-tomato-juice concoction. Try versions from Mercadito, Mayahuel, and Hecho en Dumbo. [Metromix]

A German brewery is promoting its alcohol-free beer as a sports drink. But will it catch on in the U.S., where alcohol-free beer is a bust? [BusinessWeek]

Sherry and tequila are a match made in heaven and you can find them on cocktail lists -- in the same glass, mind you -- more and more these days. [SF Chronicle]

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