Watch a Clip of the Sweet Love Story Behind an Arizona Deli

Watch out for the wolves.
Watch out for the wolves.

It's nearly Hanukkah and Jewish food is really having a moment. Yesterday, Grub Street posted this trailer for Deli Man, a documentary about the historic, giant menu joints featuring footage of Larry King, Jerry Stiller, and many slices of pastrami. Sadly, it appears that family-owned delis from around the country -- like in Texas, where it's "Deliverance for the Jews" -- are rapidly declining as younger generations lack a craving for kreplach. But before deciding that no one is churning out decent corned beef in this country anymore (R.I.P. Stage Deli), check out this clip of Lou and Lovey Borenstein, the founders of Chompie's in Phoenix, AZ.

Stop your kvetching and watch this story of love and egg creams. And call your motha! [YouTube]

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