We Should Be Eating Acorns; Jamie Oliver is Sorely Misunderstood

Tavern on the Green fixtures have has been relocated to various locations around the city and beyond, including a Tiffany ceiling lamp purchased by Regis Philbin. [NY Post]

Small-food communities are growing in parts of the country, but do farmers markets and the like still mostly cater to wealthy areas? [T Magazine]

Acorns were once a dietary staple, but now only squirrels and Koreans eat them - the latter in jelly form, called dotorimuk. [NY Times]

Honey has reasserted itself as an artisanal product and is popping up in restaurant dishes on everything from grilled eggplant to mackerel. [Wall Street Journal]

Jamie Oliver complains that no one understands him, not even his wife. Apparently, he doesn't want to make Food Revolution - he want us to make it ourselves. [Guardian]

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