Weekend Drinking: The Citron Collins

Weekend Drinking: The Citron Collins

In July, I picked up a bottle of Bittermens Citron Sauvage, a deliciously bitter grapefruit liqueur produced locally by Bittermens Spirits. It's a smoggy orange syrup, but not too sweet, which makes it lovely for sipping straight. Throughout the summer, I've poured it over ice and enjoyed it plain, or mixed it with cold seltzer for a refreshing alternative to, er, water.

But now that summer's coming to an end, so is my bottle. I just used the last of it to spike a delicious Tom Collins.

Citron Collins Adapted from Bittermens

1.5 ounces gin .5 ounce Citron Sauvage .25 ounce lemon juice, strained Soda water

Measure gin, Citron Sauvage, and juice into a Collins glass. Fill with ice and top off with soda water.

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