What Chefs Cook Their Lovers; Scam-Free V-Day Plans

This week in food blogs...

Grub Street asked what foods chefs like to make for their lovers. Jesse Schenker of Recette gets his girl with arugula.

Eater revealed the best scam-free dining deals for this Black Sunday (aka Valentine's).

Midtown Lunch took a different (boozier) route, with its guide to the best Mardi Gras deals in town.

The Atlantic Food Channel rounded up nine seductive desserts for V-Day (crunch almond cigar, anyone?).

The Food Section heard about Crabzilla, the monster Japanese Spider Crab stretching 10 feet from claw to claw... and still growing.

The Feed listed its top 10 birthday restaurants. (Screw Love Day?)

A Hamburger Today demonstrated how to make a flood burger, characterized by its juicy patty.

Slice got the first word on Totonno's reopening. Sure, it came a little late, but who cares?

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