What Does NYC-Flavored Ice Cream Taste Like? Ben & Jerry's Will Dole Out Free Scoops on Friday

What Does NYC-Flavored Ice Cream Taste Like? Ben & Jerry's Will Dole Out Free Scoops on Friday
Courtesy Ben & Jerry's

New England ice cream titan Ben & Jerry's hits town tomorrow, and it's bringing free tastes of a one-of-a-kind ice cream: Strut over to Pier 57 between 5 and 7 p.m., and you'll have a chance to sample a flavor crowdsourced from New Yorkers, the result of which, the pint-monger hopes, is the equivalent of this city distilled down into a scoop.

So what does NYC-flavored ice cream taste like?

If you're inclined (like we were) to say something mildly revolting like "the subway air on the Eighth Avenue L platform in a heatwave" or "used hot dog water infused with smoke from the nearby gyro cart," know that the Vermont-based frozen dairy behemoth has, blessedly, filtered your (and our) opinion out.

The good people of Ben & Jerry's were kind enough to drop by our office for a preview of the snack, and we learned that NYC-flavored ice cream tastes a lot like other Ben & Jerry's ice cream, not least because it's studded with big chunks of the same brownies used throughout the line. Those brownies, as it turns out, are actually local--they come from Greyston Bakery, a Yonkers-based organization that helps rehabilitate adults that need help gaining or re-gaining work skills and job experience.

Our scoop was also ribboned with caramel from Spoonable Caramels and imbued with Sixpoint Brewery's 3Beans, a beer made with Mast Brothers chocolate and Stumptown coffee. Yours, if you head to the party, will be topped with caramel corn from Liddabit Sweets.

Ben & Jerry's hasn't revealed the name of its new treat yet--you can find that out tomorrow at the unveiling. Spokespeople also say this is, at least for now, a one-off event. So if you want to try NYC-flavored ice cream, do it tomorrow--because there aren't immediate plans to sell it by the pint.

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