What to Eat at the UN Summit on Hunger

When you sit down to discuss the plight of the world's starving, you should, perhaps, not dine on lobster and foie gras.

In 2002, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization summit met to discuss how to halve the number of starving people worldwide—and then ate themselves silly on items that only a fraction of a fraction of the world's population can even dream of.

Naturally, when the The Times (UK) reported on this lavish menu, there were enough charges of hypocrisy to go around.

Today, The Times looks back on the scandal, and reveals this year's menu, which has been much subdued. That's Robert Mugabe, above, arriving in Rome, totally ready for some pasta with cream sauce.

2002 menu

Foie gras and toast with kiwi fruit Lobster in vinaigrette Fillet of goose with olives Seasonal vegetables Compote of fruit with vanilla Vins multiple fine wines

2008 menu

Vol au vent with sweetcorn and mozzarella Pasta with cream of pumpkin and shrimps Veal olives with cherry tomatoes and basil Fruit salad with vanilla ice cream Vin Orvieto Classico Poggio Calvelli 2005

Sure I'd rather eat the 2002 menu, but that doesn't make it right.

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