Where Am I Eating? The Mystery Grows...

Hello again, sleuthsome diners, and welcome to part deux of this week's "Where Am I Eating?"

Nobody has guessed where they serve up this marvelous meal, pictured on the next page, so the prize -- a cookbook -- is still up for grabs.

Besides: Valentine's Day looms ever-so-ominously around the corner, and what other gift says "I love you" like a cookbook won in an online contest? Probably nothing. So go ahead and take a gander at the photo.

Sandwich of continued mystery.
Sandwich of continued mystery.
Victoria Bekiempis

If you think you might know where this grainy, cabbage-y treat hails from (those are your hints, by the way), leave your answer in the comments below.

Have a restaurant tip or other food news? Send it to fork@villagevoice.com.

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