Whole Foods' In-House Forager; Jean-Georges's Resident Juicer

If you ate just foods advertised on television, you could exceed the government's recommended daily amount of fat by 20 times and sugar by 25 times. [Time]

Harvindar Singh is Whole Foods' only full-time food forager, and is based in the Bay Area, where he seeks out little-known, locally made products and ingredients. [Wall Street Journal]

Brandi Kowalski is in charge of juicing at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's ABC Kitchen, where she makes everything from almond milk to fresh yuzu juice. [NY Times]

The Cooking Channel will not only feature "grittier" food shows, but also a drinks show that visits such hip cocktail bars as Dram in Williamsburg. [USA Today]

Irn-Bru, the bright orange caffeinated drink popular in Scotland, is being forced by the U.K. Food Standards Agency to remove its signature artificial coloring. [Wall Street Journal]

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