Whole Foods Turns 30; Calorie Counts to Hit Planes, Trains, and Movie Theaters

Whole Foods turns 30 on September 20 and is rolling out several new initiatives: a welfare rating system that tells customers how meat animals were raised, a transparency program for seafood, and Wellness Clubs. [USA Today]

Many portions at fast-food chain restaurants are at least two times bigger than the government's definition of what a serving should be. [USA Today]

Remains of a burial feast at a site in the Galilee dating back 12,000 years suggest that people have been bringing food to funerals for millennia. [Reuters]

The latest tainted-beef recall was initiated much more quickly than usual, as the cutting-edge infrared spectroscopy test used to find E. coli bacteria only took an hour. [FOXNews]

The FDA says that calorie counts will not only be posted in chain restaurants, but also in airlines, trains, grocery-store food courts, movie theaters, and convenience stores. [Wall Street Journal]

Black rice may be the latest superfood craze, as it has more anthocyanin antioxidants, more vitamin E antioxidants, less sugar, and more fiber than blueberries, according to a study. [Associated Content]

The Park Slope Chip Shop in Brooklyn, run by a British couple, promises to deep-fry anything for you -- from cheeseburgers to cheesecake. [Daily Mail]

The USDA says that farmers' markets have grown some 16 percent since 2009, with more than 850 having opened this year. [CBS News]

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