Why Does Everything Taste Like Chicken?

Why Does Everything Taste Like Chicken?

Why does everything taste like chicken? Well, there's actually an answer for that. Slate traced chicken back to its evolutionary origins and found that chickens and other birds are probably the direct descendants of dinosaurs.

And other than birds, the closest living relatives that we have to eat are crocodiles, which date back to at least 250 million years ago.

The author goes back even further and finds that the common denominator is a group of animals known as diapsids, which originated around 300 million years ago. Modern reptiles are both descended from the diapsids.

This explains why frogs taste like chicken.

And last:

So roughly 350 million years ago is probably when life began to taste like chicken, right when some lobed fishes had fully transformed into the first terrestrial amphibians, like P. finneyae.

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