Why Ferran Adria Is Closing El Bulli; Just How Much Grass Does a Cow Have to Eat to Make Organic Milk?

Chef Ferran Adria opens up about why he is closing down El Bulli for two years: "At the economic level, nothing affected us specifically... I made this decision because I want a better balance in my life." [Wall Street Journal]

Airport passengers arriving so early for their flights to clear security spend extra time eating and drinking, which has led to increased sales for restaurants and food vendors. [NY Daily News]

Activists are lobbying for cows to be required to eat more grass for the milk they produce to be certified organic. Some larger producers allow their cows little pasture access. [NY Times]

Fishing for most species of shallow-water grouper, black sea bass, red porgy, and red snapper, is closed in the Carolinas, eastern Florida, and Georgia for four to six months. [NY Times]

A few stats: 25 percent of Americans eat too fast for the taste of food to even register, and 29 percent have scarfed down a meal without ever putting down the utensils. [Marie Claire via ColdMud]

The forthcoming Michael and Ping's Modern Chinese Take-Out in Gowanus will be the first Brooklyn restaurant certified as "green" by the Green Restaurant Association. [Brooklyn Paper]

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