Why We Can't Eat Canada Geese; How the Cost of Bacon is Rising; and More

Canada geese killed in New York this month to help control the population were double-bagged and thrown in landfills because there is no way to process the meat into food. Also, it would take six years to study the safety of the bird meat. [NY Times]

The city has reportedly spent $3.3 million on food and drink for workers and guests since the start of the year, an amount that could hit $5.7 million by the end of the year. [NY Post]

The cost of fresh pork bellies, from which bacon is made, are at an all-time high of $1.35 a pound, which is likely to affect bacon prices. [Wall Street Journal]

Scientists believe that eating meat helped us evolve. The dietary change, occurring some 2.3 million years ago, offered more calories and fat to plump up our brains. [NPR]

Shocker: BP's chief operating officer was recently asked whether he'd eat seafood from the Gulf now that the spill is dissipating, to which he quickly replied, "I absolutely would." [AP]

More details on the underground grilled cheese dealer: The sandwiches go for $5-$7, depending on the cheese, bread, and extras. They get extra crispy in the oven, post-frying. [NY Post]

Sure, restaurants are pissed about letter grading. But even worse, they say, is the new health department website that has made older inspection data easily accessible. [NY Times]

The Bronx has caught on to the trend of backyard chicken coops, with a number of people raising their own birds for über-fresh eggs. [NY Daily News]

Vending machines have started to use technologies such as credit card readers and sales-tracking devices. Until now, the industry largely resisted innovation. [Wall Street Journal]

Adults consume more than twice the daily recommended amount of salt, mostly thanks to processed foods and restaurant meals. [Wall Street Journal]

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