'Wichcraft Adds Two New Sandwiches to Menu and Brings Back Old Favorites

A beauty shot of the roasted pork sandwich
A beauty shot of the roasted pork sandwich
Alexia Nader

'Wichcraft recently added two new sandwiches to its menu: a roasted mushroom frittata with cheddar cheese on ciabatta, and a roasted chicken topped with braised kale on a roll. But we're most excited about the return of some of our favorite sandwiches, like a Gruyère grilled cheese, which 'wichcraft described as "French onion soup between two pieces of grilled rye bread," and an Italian-themed riff on a Cuban medianoche sandwich.

'Wichcraft's take on a medianoche features slow-roasted pork, topped with a slice of tangy fontina cheese and coppa ham; it gets a kick of heat and acidity from a layer of mildly spicy pickled-pepper relish.

The winter menu's new sandwiches -- and the old ones -- are all under $10 and available at 'wichcraft locations.

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