Wine on Tap Is Breaking Through; Aperitif Wines Make a Comeback

Gruet Winery in Albuquerque makes sparkling wines that sell for well under $20 and can hold their own up against -- or even outdo -- more expensive domestic bubbly. [NY Times]

Wine on tap is still struggling to break through. Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar in Astoria just installed a four-tap system, but the Four Seasons decided against it. [NY Post]

Aperitif wines are all the rage. Bartenders are excited about quinquinas lke Dubonnet, St. Raphael, and Bonal Gentiane-Quina, and chinati like Cocchi Aperitivo Americano. [SF Chronicle]

Tiki bartenders have been known to encode their drink recipes to keep them secret. Painkiller is going against tiki tradition by sharing all its recipes online. [NY Post]

California gewürztraminer is rarely the most popular wine a winery makes, but most winemakers like to make a little of it on the side. [NY Times]

Drinking trends to look out for include the appreciation of the subtle flavors that come in a well-developed spirit, domestic spirits, and a continued move away from vodka. [Food Arts]

A real swizzle stick isn't a plastic thing that comes in your gin and tonic. It comes from a tree that grows in the Caribbean called a swizzlestick tree and is used to swizzle cocktails. [Washington Post]

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