Winery Dogs Abound; Beer Cocktails Thrive

Bedell Cellars is one of the many New York wineries with dogs, with nearly a dozen of its employee's dogs roaming around. Wineries and dogs are such a good match that there has even been a book, Winery Dogs of New York, published and a website, [NY Daily News]

Wine lists can be quite diverse, some featuring maps, poetic musings, or Wine Spectator ratings. At L'Ecole, the belief is that the best lists are organized by grape. [Wall Street Journal]

Vandaag and Mayahuel are among several bars that offer beer cocktails, which have been around at least since Jerry Thomas' 1862 guide, How to Mix Drinks. [NY Post]

A roundup of science-geeky beers includes Dogfish Head's Pangaea Ale, named for the supercontinent, Tricerahops Double IPA from Ninkasi, and New Belgium's Bière de Mars. [Wired]

A number of museums in the city are offering cocktail hours. Check out the Museum of the City of New York's Speakeasy nights, MoMA Nights, and the Guggenheim's Dark Sounds. [Bloomberg]

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