With Slightly Oliver, Opening Thursday, Craft Cocktails Inch Their Way Past Midtown

Looks like the Upper West Side is getting more than just a locavoric farmhouse. It's also getting a new craft-cocktail lounge, manned by an all-star team of chefs and bartenders, to boot.

Slightly Oliver (511 Amsterdam Avenue), a self-proclaimed "cocktail-themed gastropub," will feature food by Luis Ulloa of Tolani and Jason Hicks of Jones Wood Foundry, and drinks by Albert Trummer and Orson Salicetti of Theater Bar and, before that, Apotheke. Drinks will fall into the classics-with-a-twist realm, and the soundtrack, per a press release, will be "rock 'n' roll and reggae." It opens November 3.

For more dining news, head to Fork in the Road, or follow us @ForkintheRoadVV.

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