World Series of Beer Pong; Tennessee to Get More Whiskey

One of the country's top cocktail writers, Jason Wilson, rounded up the most significant drinking trends of 2010: pisco, mezcal, tequila as the new vodka, and beer cocktails. Also, white whiskey, Benedictine, American microdistilleries, and Italian aperitivi. [Washington Post]

And the top wine stories of last year? The Chilean earthquake that rocked the country's wine country, a study that approved some wine during pregnancy, and a possible end to direct wine shipping. [Wine Spectator]

A thoughtful piece on the nature of the martini posits that, after the Appletini and other variations, the martini no longer exists. At this point, it's only an abstract idea. [LA Times Magazine]

Yes, there's a World Series of Beer Pong. And, yes, it's held in Vegas. The winning team will receive a $50,000 prize. [FOX]

Researchers have found that even slight nuances in the art on wine glasses can indicate social, cultural, and economic changes in ancient Greece. [Sify]

A new breed of ultra-premium California wines are sold through word of mouth at Bordeaux prices, like Harlan Estate's 1997 vintage, six bottles of which sold for $7,170. [Bloomberg]

A new law in Tennessee will give Jack Daniel's a run for its money. It allows more distilleries to set up shop in the region, with 40 more counties now eligible for distilleries. [NewsChannel5]

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